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Image by Katie Ennis

Online HypnoBirthing Course
Empowered. Connected. Informed

HypnoBirthing is a educational and childbirth preparation program designed to deepen your connection to yourself and to effectively work with your birthing body. You will learn how to put your mind at ease and have a focused attention so that your body can follow with relaxation and the release of hormones.

When should you begin classes?

Choose the timing that works best for you and your schedule.

Ideally you want to provide yourself enough time to complete the program, absorb the content, practice the techniques and cultivate the skills into your daily life - all before birth happens!

You will learn how to:

  • Feel informed, empowered and connected to the unfolding experience

  • Trust and embrace the power of your body

  • Feel excited going into labour

  • Release fears and anxieties about birth

  • Use breathing and deep relaxation for a calm mind and a relaxed body

  • Harness the phenomenal power of your birthing hormones

  • Understand your birth options and design your own Birth Preferences "plan"

  • Handle the unexpected with confidence

  • Feel confident to make well-informed decisions

  • Use natural pain relief options

  • Choose the optimal position that works for you during labour

  • Establish a daily relaxation routine

  • And so much more!

Additional Group Classes to be Announced!

February 9 - March 9

Thursdays (5 weekly classes)



Thursdays (5 weekly classes)



Thursdays (5 weekly classes)


Online Group Class Details:


Full course investment is $425 (individual or two people), 2.5hrs weekly for five sessions- includes textbook -The HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method, Guided Relaxation recordings and an extensive booklet of handouts.

Please be in touch to sign- up for a class or book online.

Classes are live taught on Zoom and not recorded.

*As a Registered Social Worker (RSW), the HypnoBirthing classes may be covered by your Insurance plan.

Please confirm with your provider.

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