Hypnobirthing toronto, mindfulness and birth, childbirth education classes

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change".
-Marie Mongan

Prepare for a Deeply Connected Birth Experience

with Liliana Custodio

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education
Group Classes, Private Sessions, Refresher Classes

HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method is the most comprehensive Childbirth Education Program with over 30 yrs of supporting pregnant individuals and couples.

A 5-week childbirth education course to educate, empower and prepare you for a confident and positive birth experience.  If you would prefer private sessions that are flexible to your schedule and needs, please be in touch for more information.

Infant Massage Workshop
Group and Private Sessions

Canada's most comprehensive infant massage program,  focused on promoting nurturing touch.

A 4-week workshop focused on gentle massage strokes to soothe your baby, deepen your bond, relieve tummy upsets and learn to understand your baby’s non-verbal cues. Interactive, educational and an opportunity to bond with other parents with newborns.

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Private classes available on request, please contact Liliana to discuss.


Baby Michalina

I would highly recommend this 5 week course with Liliana. She is full of amazing information and is approachable and well spoken.  It showed me that sometimes all you need is some information and a different perspective and it can change your life. Thank you, Liliana, for giving me the resources to give birth the way that I wanted to. I felt like a warrior. It was very liberating.

~ Agnes

Baby James

I am so happy and proud of what we did together. I have never felt more powerful and confident in my body and I thank you for reminding me that my body is made to birth children.

Practicing hypnobirthing gave me the tools to be relaxed and to not fear any part of the process. Because of that my labor and birth is the most wonderful memory I have now.

~ Megan

Baby Luke

The Hypnobirthing Course helped us immensely, especially through the touch and go of the entire process. The breath was everything and I really concentrated on that. Nick and I are forever grateful for the experience you have given us through the course, it really helped and grounded us in the worst times. 

Thank you for everything, we really enjoyed it!


~ Laura