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birth story medicine

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ Anais Nin

Birth Story Medicine
Finding healing in your birth story

What is Birth Story Medicine?

Birth Story Medicine® is brought to us by Pam England, founder of Birthing from Within, and offers a unique framework to share your story and the impact it still has on you now. Birth is a transformational rite of passage, that inevitably changes you and brings up a lot of emotions. It is fairly common that there was at least one unexpected, unwished for moment during your birthing experience that left you feeling shocked, confused, betrayed, ashamed, or powerless. You may be asking yourself many questions, going over and over the birth- Who Am I? or How did this happen to me?

Many people think the passing of time, trying to forget it, or telling their story over and over is enough. Although these strategies might bring temporary relief, what is often needed is having your story deeply explored by a birth story listener whereby a shift in meaning, transformation, and healing can take place. Something that you know is possible but not sure how to quite do it.


What is a session like?

A birth Story medicine session creates an opportunity for you, the storyteller, to review the birth experience in an entirely new way. On our own we can get lost in our stories. Although what happened during birth cannot be changed, the story about it, and the effects the meaning has on your life can shift. This holistic guided process uses thoughtful questions, and solution-focused dialogue to guide the storyteller to discover the meaning placed in an unresolved, difficult birthing moment that is still burdening them today. During a session, insight is gained, a hidden meaning is discovered, and a shift may surprisingly be revealed to you, and so the medicine is found in the birth story and the storyteller can move towards more compassion, freedom, and healing in their lives .






Booking a Birth Story Medicine Session

Your health and well-being matter. You are a beautiful, powerful being, and all the answers lie within you. When you feel ready, Liliana offers private one-on-one sessions in-person, via phone, or zoom, and each session is about 75 minutes. ​Using her background as a birth and postpartum practitioner, Liliana provides a safe and heartfelt space to help explore new insights and perspectives by using a guided, natural flow of solution-focused dialogue.


With the necessary support and guidance, transformation and healing from your birth experience is possible. When you feel ready for your Birth Story Medicine session, Liliana will facilitate the space and conversation for you to find new meaning, freedom, and compassion for yourself and your life.  Before booking your session, please secure childcare so that you may fully focus on our time together.

birth story medicine
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