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Meet Liliana Custodio
Birth and Postpartum Practitioner

Hi, I'm so happy you are here !

For the past twelve years I've had the honour to support hundreds of pregnant women as they prepare for childbirth- a sacred rite of passage.

My personal journey and passion in personal growth, health and mind- body connection, first led me into the field of social work and mindfulness.  During this time the intentional 'plan' was to go into private practice. Lo and behold the universe had a different path for me. It was through a serendipitous conversation with a friend suggesting I look into HypnoBirthing that I unexpectedly came into the world of pregnancy and birth.


Fast forward to twelve years, and I feel so grateful for this journey!

I consider myself a lifelong learner, and over the years have incorporated new understandings alongside traditional wisdom and practices into my childbirth classes as well as added new offerings to support and nurture women in their journey from birth to motherhood.

Regardless of our unique paths in life, I feel that deepening our inner knowing and authority is a key piece to our well-being and health, as well as connecting deeply to life's moments, and slowing down so we can create a life of balance, joy, and ease.  Breath, mindset, internalized beliefs, nervous system regulation, mindful practices are just a few of the themes that I explore in my classes and in our work together.

When not in class, I love to immerse myself in intentional living within the rhythms of nature and my body, wanderlust spirit preferably places with palm trees, salt air, sunshine and sea, DIY projects, healing herbs, propagating succulents, daydreaming and being surrounded by water, greenery and plenty of sunshine are just a few of my favourite things in life.

liliana custodio, birth, postpartum services, hypnobirthing

 I would love to connect with you and support your journey from birth to motherhood. 


with love,

Liliana xo

Client Love Notes
hypnobirthing classes, prenatal classes toronto

Took the 5-week course with Liliana. It was really well done and I learned so much about birthing that has prepared me well for birthing day! Liliana is very calming and soothing in how she presents the information and that makes all the difference.

~ Tripti

Liliana has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Hypnobirthing. Additionally, her follow up emails with extra links to wonderful resources were extremely helpful! I’m right on track, preparing for my baby’s birth in Christmas time. Thanks Liliana for all your support, it’s very much appreciated:)

~ Anita

Liliana’s hypnobirthing class was fantastic! I feel more comfortable knowing what to expect going into labour - and confident that my partner and I have the right tools, visualizations and breathing techniques to stay in control and have an informed and empowered birth. Would highly recommend to expecting mothers!

~ Laura

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