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Prepare for a Deeply Connected

Birth Experience with Liliana

Hi, I'm so happy you are here !

For the past ten years I've had the grateful privilege in supporting hundreds of pregnant women as they prepare to move through one of the most sacred and transformative experiences of their lives.


My personal journey and passion for embracing life’s moments with complete mind-body presence first led me into the field of social work and mindfulness practices and that is how I then came into the world of pregnancy, birth and babies.  Regardless of our unique journey in life, I feel that the breath is both an anchor and a doorway in helping us to be an active participant and creator of our lived experiences, in cultivating a mind that's at ease- present, a body is that free of tension and a lifestyle that is balanced and connected. These are just a few of the themes I explore in my classes and in our work together.

I am passionate about guiding women to step into their power, courage and inner knowing! I believe that everyone has the right to make the choices that feel right for them,  their body and their baby. To understand their birthing options, have the space and time to connect to their intuition and ultimately feel supported and respected by their birth team.

​If you are looking to learn about the power of your mind-body connection, to dive deeper into your inner journey and to learn ways to stay connected,  focused and confident during your birthing experience, then HypnoBirthing classes are for you!

When I’m not teaching, I love to immerse myself in things that bring joy and meaning to my life- sipping a good cup of coffee, connecting with nature, daydreaming and being surrounded by water, greenery and plenty of sunshine

I would love to support you!

hypnobirthing classes, prenatal classes toronto

 I would be honoured to support your journey as you reclaim your power and the sacredness of birth.

with love and light,

Liliana xo

Love Notes
hypnobirthing classes, prenatal classes toronto

Took the 5-week course with Liliana. It was really well done and I learned so much about birthing that has prepared me well for birthing day! Liliana is very calming and soothing in how she presents the information and that makes all the difference.

~ Tripti

Liliana has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Hypnobirthing. Additionally, her follow up emails with extra links to wonderful resources were extremely helpful! I’m right on track, preparing for my baby’s birth in Christmas time. Thanks Liliana for all your support, it’s very much appreciated:)

~ Anita

Liliana’s hypnobirthing class was fantastic! I feel more comfortable knowing what to expect going into labour - and confident that my partner and I have the right tools, visualizations and breathing techniques to stay in control and have an informed and empowered birth. Would highly recommend to expecting mothers!

~ Laura

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