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baby massage classes, mother baby
baby massage classes, mother baby
baby massage classes

The Power of Nurturing Touch
Experience the Joy and Benefits of Baby Massage!

Baby massage classes are a fun, simplified, and approachable way to deepen your bond with your baby, encourage digestion, relieve their tummy upsets, support better sleep patterns, boost immune system, and learn to understand your baby’s non-verbal cues -  in just 10 minutes with your baby every single day!. It’s also a great forum in which to meet other parents and learn from your shared experiences. Classes are informal, relaxed and small enough to ensure that you are comfortable and that you are given the personal attention you need.


I know all mothers have a deeply innate ability to connect with their babies, and the classes simply provide a framework with tools and knowledge to bring that skill forward.

Classes will be held on a monthly basis starting in May, in-person, 3 weekly classes, 60mins.

Benefits for Baby
  • Deeper and longer sleep patterns

  • Relieve gas and colic

  • Develop lifelong appreciation of nurturing touch

  • Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • Strengthens attachment and bonding

  • Improves sensory awareness

  • Increases body awareness

Happy Baby
Benefits for Parents
  •  Enhance your confidence and awareness on reading your baby’s verbal and non-verbal cues

  • Deepen your nurturing skills by listening and responding to your baby

  • Promote attachment and bonding by providing skin to skin touch

  • Alleviate stress by deepening connection

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Client Love Notes
baby massage

Liliana created a calm, warm and inviting environment, where my baby felt comfortable and receptive to the massage. This is so good for not only baby, but a busy, tired, anxious momma/dadda. This class offers devoted time to connect with baby. Such a precious time!


” Very grateful for the chance to learn new ways to bond with my baby through touch, massage and play. And for the opportunity to meet Liliana.”


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