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Embrace Your Power and the Sacredness of Birth

Culturally and historically speaking women have been inundated with fear based birth stories, images and conditioned to believe that their bodies are not able to birth their babies.  As a result, women continue to fear giving birth. This fear causes the body to become increasingly tense and that tension often prevents the birthing muscles from comfortably performing the normal and physiological function of birth. 

What is HypnoBirthing and how it can help you during birth?

HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method is the most comprehensive educational program available that prepares you for a positive birth experience!   Regardless of where you are birthing, or how your birthing unfolds, the aim is to make the experience of your baby’s arrival joyful and positive.  Each birth is going to take its own path and no one can predict what journey your baby will take but you will feel well prepared, informed and confident so the experience can be a positive one. HypnoBirthing is designed to help you prepare for birth in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way.

HypnoBirthing might sound ‘new age’ and no I will not have a swinging pendulum during class but I will provide you with a set of effective techniques and education that will make a significant difference in your relaxation practice, preparation and birth experience.  You will have a toolkit with physical and mental skills that empower you to welcome the moments of labour and birth with calm, focus, ease and confidence, regardless of how the birthing moments unfold.

You will feel prepared to handle each turn your birthing takes and use the techniques to remain

in a focused mind and a relaxed body.


Through knowledge and empowerment you will instinctively follow your body's lead as each moment unfolds. Your body knows how to give birth and the uterus is perfectly designed to birth, but in order for the outlet of the uterus to open and allow the baby to move down, through and out into the birth path, the muscle fibers need to relax. When intense sensations arise you will be able to focus on your breathing and ride each wave of your surges with ease, rather than resistance.

If you would like to harness the power of your body, feel connected to your baby and feel confident during your birth experience, then HypnoBirthing is for you!



Love Notes
Hypnobirthing toronto, childbirth education classes, mindfulness and birth, prenatal

We did private sessions with Liliana, and the sessions were not only informative but also very comforting. She has helped us to feel prepared for birth; both my partner and I found the sessions useful. Liliana is well spoken, clear and a compassionate facilitator. My partner feels equipped to support me, I feel less anxiety about birth, and we both feel we have a toolkit of resources ready for a calm and relaxed birthing process - ready for whatever baby/body brings.

~ Jacquelyn

Liliana was a wonderful Hypnobirthing instructor. My husband was skeptical about the concept of Hypnobirthing and went into it pretty much to indulge me since I was pregnant, but after the first session when Liliana came to our house he was a convert. She has the perfect voice and manner for guiding one through the  scripts and we felt very comfortable welcoming her into our home each week. We had a peaceful home birth and the Hypnobirthing classes were a huge help!

~ Fiona

Hypnobirthing helped us keep a positive mindset during my pregnancy and labour. We learned a several relaxation exercises and breathing techniques that I found extremely helpful. The class was kept to a small number of couples to allow for a more interactive experience. The instructor Liliana was great and I liked that she always sent a recap of the class in an email to help reinforce the lessons of the week.

~ Marla